In the quiet dawn's embrace, she wakes,
A whisper of light upon her face,
In her eyes, the universe resides,
A story of strength, beauty, and pride.
With every step, her presence glows,
A symphony of grace, the world she bestows,
Her laughter, like bells in the breeze,
Echoes of joy, dancing with ease.
Through storms of doubt, she finds her way,
A beacon of hope, in the darkest of days,
For within her heart, a fire ignites,
Burning with passion, through endless nights.
She's a masterpiece, a work of art,
Painted with love, from the very start,
In her flaws, she finds her power,
Embracing each moment, like a blooming flower.
Let her shine, unapologetically bright,
For her radiance knows no bounds, no height,
In her own light, she finds her truth,
A woman, owning her radiance, in absolute youth.